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  • Temperature error ≤0.3℃

    Non-contact automatic temperature measurement, precise to ≤ 0.3 ℃ (intelligent facial recognition temperature measurement system, test precision of ≤ 0.5 ℃), automatic collection and recording of abnormal body temperature information.

    Excess temperature alarm

    User defined temperature detection threshold, data displayed directly, voice alarm of any abnormalities to stop entry.

    Non-contact detection

    At a distance of 3-5 meters, more than 16 targets can be measured simultaneously within 30ms.

    Smart facial recognition

    Embedded facial recognition algorithm, accurate positioning and measurement of targets.

    Detection of nask abnormalities

    Automatic recognition of mask-wearing, voice warning for anyone without a mask to prohibit entry.

    AI Data analysis

    Realize facial snapshots through visible light and body temperature monitoring through thermal imaging. Two integrated channels, information presented visually, scrolling of abnormal information and real-time querying.


    400*300, the highest HD thermal imaging display in the industry, offering clearer pictures

    With an industrial-grade design, intelligent manufacturing conforms to ip66 waterproof and dustproof standards, suitable for use in extreme environments

    The highest temperature measurement accuracy standard in the industry, test precision of ≤ 0.3℃, and infrared thermal sensitivity of ≤ 40mk

    Smart facial recognition, accurate forehead temperature measurement, and an anti-interference heat source false alarm

    A 46°*35° (horizontal * vertical) ultra wide infrared viewing angle for wider range identification and detection

    17 pseudo-color modes to choose from

    2.8mm - 12mm digital zoom visible light lens, suitable for flexible configuration in additional scenarios

    Fast and non-inductive detection with super flux, supporting simultaneous and accurate temperature measurement of more than 16 people

    Fashionable appearance and design, high-end and elegant

    Supporting facial recognition, area detection, and connection to attendance and access control systems

    Government office areas


    Enterprise parks/office buildings

    Railway stations/subway stations



    Financial Institutions


  • Beijing drainage group co. ltd
  • Beijing dacheng building
  • Beijing construction engineering group building
  • Beijing construction engineering group
  • BBMG corporation building
  • Headquarters building of the bank of beijing
  • National development and reform commission building
  • Hongtai building