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  • Remote equipment monitoring and control


    Realize equipment remote monitoring and solve problems such as large site arrangement and allocation, or extensive manpower usage and low efficiency for equipment monitoring
  • Automatic equipment control system


    Standard protocol is connected to the equipment terminal, collecting product data and equipment status in real time, solving the problem of automatic collection of underlying data
  • Automatic defect positioning and classification


    Realize product defect positioning, detection and classification through deep learning industrial vision platform software
  • Process equipment

    Centralized equipment management reducing monitoring staff

    discover and handle abnormality alarms promptly

    clear minor equipment alarms remotely and centrally

    check previous and current images of equipment

  • Monitoring equipment

    Improve detection efficiency and reduce labor costs

    improve detection accuracy and reduce omission ratios

    cope with process and product changes in a timely manner

    analyze process improvement intelligently

  • Fms factory monitor visualization
    Real-time display of changes in factory equipment status, alarm conditions, production line status and other conditions, so that technicians can quickly control on-site conditions
  • Adverse smart analysis
    Quickly identify the root causes of adverse occurrences, realize intelligent one-click output, improve the accuracy and timeliness of problems analysis, and save on investments in personnel with the help of big data and industry algorithms
  • Enterprise intelligent Display Board
    Realize functions such as online assessment of production indicators, transparent display of data, active monitoring of abnormalities and automatic generation of fixed reports to provide the basis for rapid decision-making by enterprise managers
  • One-click analysis to identify the root causes of problems
  • The system actively monitors production conditions and quickly identifies production abnormalities
  • Provides calculation logic indexes for production in line with industry standards, or can be customized according to user requirements
  • The data can be traced automatically by the system to aidentify production problems, so as to improve analysis efficiency
  • Meet the needs of different user levels through displaying the same type of data in multiple dimensions
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    Data display board
    Data display board
    Production management conferences at all levels
    production data smart display board
    Production line abnormality alarm
    Production line abnormality alarm
    Proactive monitoring of production abnormalities
    threshold alarm e-mail
    Online indicator assessment
    Online indicator assessment
    Factory operation management indicators
    other operation indicators
    Smart monitoring and analysis
    Smart monitoring and analysis
    Quick root cause targeting by smart monitoring and analysis
    establishment of industrial smart analysis knowledge bases