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    • 4K/8K filming

      Script design

      Studio selection and scene-establishment

      Professional lighting design team

      red monstro 8K (vv) camera crew

    • 3D scanning and modeling (antique level)

      Antique marking and positioning

      Collecting model data by reverse scanning (white model & color model)

    • Plane sweeping

      Scanning of planar calligraphy and painting content

      Content restoration and exporting

    • Vr shooting and synthesizing (support for 4k)

      VR roaming and shooting

      Framing and synthesizing h5

    Graphic design
    Graphic design
    Poster design
    page design
    3D rendering
    3D rendering
    Model rendering
    3d max space design and rendering
    Video production
    Video production
    Cg rendering
    9k video clip
    Unity 3d programming
    Unity 3d programming
    Interactive special effects programming
    multi-terminal communication underlying design
    AI restoration
    AI restoration
    Automatic restoration of Old Photos
    Keystone Image Automatic Correction Technology
    Image Dehazing Technology
    Super Resolution Technology
    Image Liquefaction and Stylization Technology

  • Idea presentation

    Circular cinerama fusionpProjection/u-shaped video wall (Immersive) BOE igallery video wall/historical evolution wall (corridor) Projection & rotating display interactive wall (experiential) 180 °/270 ° holographic projection on large curtain display (stage)
  • Detail presentation

    110-inch 8k interactive system (embedded) Square display matrix interactive system (22-inch/32-inch)
  • Illusion presentation

    Ascending/descending transparent display showcase (46-inch/55-inch/86-inch) Corner Illusion display (55-inch/75-inch) Phantom imaging holographic showcase
  • Long presentation

    1x6 vertical touch video wall (65-inch 4k) Long slide display (55-inch/65-inch/75-inch)
  • Share with you

    Interactive tea table (true 10-point touch) BOE igallery souvenir photo (taken via hand gesture) Custom exclusive photo album Crystal touch console (projection) Customized Laser-Carved Acrylic Souvenirs
  • Millions of digital art resources are shared with boe igallery users. the unique patented display technology and convenient cloud platform publishing system bring antique collections to more audiences. digitize the collections and introduce them into public places such as campuses and hospitals through the "boe igallery cloud platform", so as to improve the edification and influence of museums on the public. the boe digital art trading platform processed more than 1 million transactions, with a payment conversion rate of 9%, effectively channeling transactions and bringing them to fruition. Helping museum institutions to increase revenue.
    BOE igallery cloud platform

    Millions of digital art resources

    Online editing and remote map transmission

    Digital promotion through online exhibition halls

    Cloud display information publication platform (rich media)

    Simple and easy to bear equipment commissioning cost

    A variety of image and video content templates built into the platform

    Support for 8k transmission

    Switchable displays

    Exhibition hall central information display platform

    Effort-saving for guides

    One-click control of lighting and various display equipment through pad

    One-click switching of exhibition themes

    Background flow analysis can be accessed at any time



    Yanqi lake international convention & exhibition center
    Art festival of the experimental high school attached to beijing normal university