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  • Application Scenario
    Information management system
    • Electronic media system

      Support millions of devices, real-time monitoring, and instruction issuance in milliseconds

    • Electronic guidance system

      Provide daily guidance displays and quick guidance services for emergency situations

    • Passenger flow analysis system

      Use AI identification and big data operation analysis to ensure operation safety

    Station hall information management
    • Fare inquiry

      Train congestion and station information queries, and automatic recommendation of optimal routes

    • Smart entry

      Multiple identification technologies and 0.5 second identification, enabling passengers to pass quickly

    • Electronic guidance

      Multiple display technologies, all-terrain installation, and illustrated contents

    • Station hall monitoring

      Comprehensive with no dead zones, passenger flow monitoring, and statistical analysis

    • Electronic media

      Large-scale LED display, delivering image impact and remarkable publicity effect

    Station platform information management
    • Electronic media

      LCD digital signage in a variety of shapes, high definition and bright colors

    • PIS screen

      Professional PIS display, broadcasts train information, and provides stable hardware performance

    • PIS screen on shielding doors

      Bar display, tailor-made, reasonable use of space, and efficient transmission of information

    Management of vehicle information
    • PIS bar screen on vehicle doors

      Dynamic display of stations and arrival information throughout the whole process

    • Advertisement on EPD handles

      Double-sided 7.4", three colors in black, white and red, and 3-year service life on AA batteries

    Guangzhou metro line 3 electronic navigation system
    Guangzhou metro line 3 electronic navigation system